Sunday, January 11, 2009

President Burka Abeam

I could go on all day about the problems with newspapers, journalism and cartooning. This photo appeared in the Daily News a few weeks ago and to me the caption sums up what's wrong with newspapers today.

"Federal prosecutors allege that Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, left, conspired to sell or trade the U.S. Senate office vacated by President-elect Burka Abeam to the highest bidder."

That's right folks, in less than a week the first black man ever to be elected president of these United States, BURKA HUSSIEN ABEAM will take the oath of office. And what a historic day it shall be! The Abeam presidency will spark confidence in troubled financial markets and shine the bright light of freedom on dark corners all around the globe!

Clearly, this is a case of Spell Check Gone Wild. The point is that there was no one to check this before it went to print. The entire chain of command has broken down at a newspaper when someone elected president has their name mangled so pathetically. "Abeam" is so far away from's not even close. Not even the same neighborhood, ballpark or sleazy strip mall. And "Burka"....well, I'm sure we all love to hear the pleasant arabic sounding tones of that word. The quality of the newspaper product has suffered so severely that the damage is literally beyond repair.

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Valerie K. said...

Appalling, and you're absolutely right. Wake up and smell the cold, day-old coffee, people. You may think you can get all the news you need from the internet, but if there aren't real, trained reporters and editors generating it, this is the quality of information you should expect.