Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night!!

Because we the people of these United States suffer from a uniquely American case of amnesia, George W. Bush and his cronies will all be but a faded memory in a matter of months. Memories of a political time so rotten, so insipid, so filled with emptiness--they must purged from our collective mind. Yet, their policies of greed, torture, corruption and imperial ambition will endure for generations. The destruction they have wrought all across the globe and at home will not be so easily forgotten among those whose lives have been destroyed.

So, let’s celebrate their departure!!! Let us rise up and thank Providence that their reign of terror has ended. Send the Yellow Rose of Texas back to the dusty little Crawford town where he belongs! Send the greatest villain in American history back to his job at Halliburton! But mostly, let us say goodbye to the worst presidency ever to befall this great nation and let us vow to never, ever, let it happen again.

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Kyle said...

Huzzah! If only Obama was considerate enough to have his inauguration later in the day so I could celebrate in style.

Tonight, however, I drink to the end of the worst 8 years in our collective history.